Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week we are looking at making a healthy dish in DT. 


Plan a Healthy Dish


Look at the ingredients below. Can you identify which food group they belong to?

What healthy dish could you make using these ingredients?

Draw a picture of your dish and label the different parts of your dish. Add labels to show which food group they belong to and how that ingredient helps your body. For example - pasta is a carbohydrate which provides your body with energy.


Design Packaging For Your Dish


Look at these packaging below. What features does each packaging have? Which is your favourite package and why?


Can you design a package for your tuna pasta? Remember to make it colourful, eye catching and appealing.


Make Your Healthy Dish


If you have the ingredients at home, have a go at making your healthy dish.


Evaluate Your Healthy Dish


Use the template below to evaluate how well you did.