Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar



Have a look at the book Dear Zoo (use the link below if you do not have a copy of the book at home). Talk about the features of this book; which animals are included in the book and the openings of the book such as; the gate and fence. Make a mind map of the different features. 

To make our project you will need some tools. (Don't worry if you don't have these at home- you can make a jungle themed picture if you do not have everything you need.)


Look at the pictures of the tools below and see if you can label them and say what they are used for

e.g scissors- used for cutting things. 

Look at the pictures below.

See if you can name all the animals.

Once you have done this try and copy one of the animals onto a piece of paper or card if you have some. 

Colour in your animal with felt tips or coloured pencils.

Create a jungle themed background for your lever, like the one below.

Then colour it in.