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Bridge Structures

The Spaghetti Bridge Challenge!

Task 1 - To research different types of bridge structures.

There are many different types of bridges around the world. Bridges are design very carefully to make sure they are structurally strong, safe and look good to those who use them!


Use the research slideshow below to find out about the different bridge designs and create a fact file, mind map or bullet point notes about each type of bridge structure. You can also have a go at sketching each type of bridge structure. Look carefully at the shapes and patterns used.

Task 2 - To design your own bride structure using your knowledge of bridge types.

You now need to use your understanding of bridges and the different structures/types of bridges to design your own. Take a look at these simple sketches below for inspiration. 


Split your page into 4 sections and sketch a different design in each one. Use a ruler to make sure your lines are straight if needed.


  • When thinking about materials to make your bridge from, think about what you may have at home (dried spagehtti or even sticks from outside). Think about how you might secure the materials together (glue, string, bluetack, cellotape etc.)
  • Think about whether your bridge would be able to hold a small weight and whether it would be secure, strong and reinforced.


Take a look at some of the spaghetti examples below...

Task 3 - To create your own bridge structure

Now it is time to make your bridge structure.

  • Use your favourite design / the one you think will be the most successful.
  • Use the materials you can find in your home (such as dried spaghetti, straws or sticks from outside).
  • You may also need a helper to hold pieces together for you while you secure them!
  • Don't forget to take pictures of your finished bridge and send them to the Year 5 email address!
Task 4 - To evaluate how effective your bridge structure is.

Once you have made your bridge, it is time to evaluate how successful your bridge was by answering the questions below. Be as honest as you can!


  1. Did you bridge look like your design once you made it?
  2. What did you make your bridge out of?
  3. Did you need any help making your bridge? Why?
  4. What went well with your bridge design and making?
  5. What did NOT work well with your design and bridge making? How would you do this differently next time?
  6. What advice would you give to someone who is about to design and make their own bridge?