Reevy Hill Primary School

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Your D&T topic is....



Task 1 - Research the history of cushions (materials, design and purpose).

Use the research information sheet below to find out more about the history of cushions - why they were made, what they were made out of and how they were designed. 

Then, use the information sheet ot help you copy and complete the timeline table below.
Task 2 - Research existing products and evaluate how well they meet a specific design criteria.

1. Create a mind map, thinking about all of the different uses of cushions. It might help to think about different types of cushions first (beanbags, pillows, chairs etc.)



2. Evaluate the cushion below using the subheadings and questions. 



Task 3 - To create a design idea using a given brief.

1. Now it is your turn to design your own cushion.


First, read the design brief below from a customer. You must think about ideas that meet all of the different requirements. 



2. Split your page into four and create four different designs. Don't forget to keep checking the design brief and making sure you have included everything the customer wants/needs.