Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in English we are learning about different countries of the World. 


Children will learn key facts about Italy, China and India and compare similarities and differences including sizes of each country, famous landmarks and traditional foods.


If you find yourself isolating this week, you could have a go at exploring the World by trying some of the activities below:

Listen to some traditional music - Play the videos below. Make a list of the instruments you can hear. Do any of the different videos have similar instruments in them? Close your eyes... how does the music make you feel? Does it remind you of anything/ anywhere? Can you draw a picture of how you are feeling? 

Read through the Italy powerpoint below and discuss. Can you complete the factfile sheet based on what you have learnt? 

Read through the China powerpoint below. Research facts about the Great Wall of China and find out where you might be able to visit Giant panda's in our country. 


Can you use the chinese mandarin symbols on the powerpoint to spell and write your own name? Send us your pictures! 

Brainstorm what you already know about India. Have you ever eaten Indian food before? Which animals do you think might live in India? Did you know... Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' was set in India?


Can you remember any of the animal characters from the movie? 


Choose an animal character and label it. Can you think of a sentence to describe your animal?