Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week's 'Book of the Week' is called, What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside.


Children will spend time exploring the book and the different characters in this. See the image below.


Look at this with your child. Can they predict from the title and prior knowledge what the book might be about and what might happen? Who might the characters be? Where might it be set? 


Watch the link below to hear the story read aloud.

Play a game of 'Who am I?'

See the clues below. Can you read the clues aloud to your child, not giving away the character. Can they close their eyes and imagine the character you are describing before trying to guess them? 


Become an illustrator!

Watch the video below of Lydia Monks, the illustrator, drawing the characters from the story. Can you have a go at drawing your own characters? Think carefully about the details you might include. Can you label them using your phonic knowledge? 


Retell the story.

Can you have a go at retelling the story to your grown up? What happens in the beginning? How do the animals trick the robbers? What happens in the end? Is it a happy ending?