Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week's English is poetry. 


We will be focusing on the key features of a poem and comparing how this is different to a fictional story. Our theme for this half-term remains to be all about the seaside.


Please see some activities below for you to take part in at home should you find yourself in self-isolation.

Below you can find a link to open up our first poem of the week, 'Goodness gracious!'


Read through this with your child. 


Highlight any key features you notice about the way it is laid out e.g. each line begins with a capital letter, each 'verse' is made of only two lines, the last word of each line has a similar sound to the one before when read aloud.


Look up the following words below and create your own definition to aid your child in remembering the meanings:


Stanza, Rhyme, Poetry

Read through the rhyming words with your child on the document below. Can they match any to each other that sound alike? Note: This may not always be the same spelling so it is important to read aloud e.g. tried/ tide.


Can your child complete the seaside rhyming worksheet, using the words in the document by matching them to the correct rhyme?