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This week in English, we are talking about stories and exploring the key features of a fictional text. Children will then work up to creating their own scene and attempt to write a set of short captions and sentences independently. 


This week if you find yourself isolating at home you can work up to writing your own narrative following the activities below:

Think of your favourite story. 

Now make a list of all the things you can about that story...


Who are the main characters? 

Where is the story set? e.g. the woods/ the park/ the seaside.

What happens in the beginning?

Is there a main event; does someone get into trouble? Is there a baddie?

Is it a happy ending? 


Try retelling the story to your grown up. Maybe you could draw a picture of the main event from the story.



Next, you may want to think about how you could make your favourite story better. Let's add a character... Decide if this is going to be a good person or an unkind person who wants to cause trouble. 


Use the 'role on the wall' character template below to design what your character will look like. Can you label them to describe what they act like e.g. fun/ evil... How many different words can you sound out for spelling independently? 

Now let's think about how the character might appear in the story? 


Will they become friends with someone - where will they meet? 

Will they save the day? 

Will they appear to try and steal something precious? 


Make a list of ideas in the style of a 'brainstorm' diagram

Once you have your character ideas, it's time to start writing!


Try using the following sentence starters to add into your re-telling fo the story...


Suddenly, ______________ appeared and ________________________


Then, __________________ saved the day by_______________________________


Can you draw a new scene from your story featuring your new character? Will they look similar to your other characters? Will they be a hero or a villain?

Think about the background of your picture - is the setting the same or has the story changed where is takes place?