Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week's English is all about transition and getting ready for year one!


Talk with your child about their year in Reception. What have they enjoyed the most? What are they most looking forward to in year one? What would they like to learn about? 


It is natural to feel worried about moving to a new year group and teacher but reassure your child that they are growing up and they will be in the journey together with their friends from Reception!



Your child may want to make an information poster for their new teacher so she is familiar with their likes and favourites. See the template below. Can your child fill this in about themselves and decorate it so it stands out as them? 

If they are feeling particularly worried, reassure them that this is OK and completely normal. Talk about when you have come across new experiences and that adults feel nervous too. Encourage your child to write down their worries and think of strategies to help with these. Are there any ways to calm your child down when they do feel nervous such as colouring/ drawing/ talking to their friends on the telephone.


Now thing ahead...!


What is the most exciting thing they are looking forward to? There are lots of positives to moving up a year group... New teachers to meet, new learning, playing on the big playground, sitting on big chairs, taking part in whole school activities with the 'bigger' children! 


Can they write a wish for year one. What would they most like to learn?