Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in English we thought it would be nice to reflect on the memories we have made in Reception.


Talk with your child about their year. Were there any key moments that have stood out? What are the names of their best friends and what do they like about them? What have they enjoyed learning? What will they miss most about Reception? Brainstorm ideas on paper then encourage your child to draw and label images to represent their school year.


See worksheet below. (*We haven't been able to attend school trips due to COVID-19 this year but we have managed to leave the school grounds and go for a walk to the woods)

Now think about the ideas you have discussed and drawn and design your own 'Class of 2021' t-shirt that you could keep to remind you of all the good times in Reception. You may want to draw your friends, your favourite activities, your favourite summer fair game, your teachers.


Make it as colourful and creative as possible. Once you have drawn and designed it, send us a picture - we would love to see them!

Why not have a go at making your own 'See how I have grown' flower? 


This is a fun way to remember all you have learnt in your Reception year and makes for a good crafting activity too!


Display somewhere you can look back and remember your time in Brown Rabbits! 


See template below.