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This week we are continuing to look at the 'Whatever Next' story by Jill Murphy. Last week we were predicting what we thought might happen in the story from the pictures we could see. The children were all introduced to a shortened Pie Corbett version of the story that we began introducing actions to. This was to help the children remember and retell the story.


Listen to the story by clicking on the link below:

Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

whatevernext #jillmurphy #storytimeRead aloud - Whatever Next? By Jill Murphy

Pause the story at certain parts and ask your child the following questions:


Which characters have been introduced? Can you remember the character names?

What has happened so far in the story?

Where is the story set? 

What does Baby Bear use to help him reach the moon?

Why does Baby Bear want to travel to the moon?

Who does Baby Bear meet on the way to the moon?


In English this week we will be sequencing the story. Find below a link to a document that includes a range of pictures from the 'Whatever Next' story. Can you sequence the pictures in the correct order? Try retelling the story to someone in your house.

After sequencing the story, can you draw and label the beginning, middle and end of the story onto a story mountain. Find the link to the story mountain template below: