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This week in our English lessons the children will be learning how to follow, verbalise and write simple instructions. These instructions will be linked to our 'Whatever Next' story by Jill Murphy.


Refresh your memory of the story by watching below:

Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

whatevernext #jillmurphy #storytimeRead aloud - Whatever Next? By Jill Murphy

Ask your child if they can give step by step instructions on 'How to put on a coat'. Follow your child's exact instructions. Can your child spot any mistakes and correct the instruction they gave?


Look at the coat instructions below, discuss each picture with your child. Can they think of an instruction for each picture?

Look at the rocket picture on the link below. Describe the rocket picture to your child, one instruction at a time.


For example:


First draw a triangle at the top of the paper.

Next draw a rectangle under the triangle.


Ask your child to listen carefully to the instructions before attempting to follow. After listening to all the instructions, compare the original rocket picture to the child's version.

Why do we need instructions?

Discuss this question with your child? Can they think of any example instructions?


Look through the different instruction examples on the links below. Discuss the different features of instructions.

Can you follow the instructions to make your own jam sandwich or dress your own teddy bear?


After following the instructions, attempt to write your own instructions for someone in your home to follow.