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This week we are exploring features of non-fiction texts. We are linking this to our learning about space which is our topic for this half term.


Login to the 'Oxford Owl' website on the link below. Look through a range of suitable books with your child. Can your child spot any fiction or non-fiction books? How do they know? Can they see any of the key features?


Remember, non-fiction texts have the following features:

  • real pictures/photographs
  • factual, gives information
  • contents page
  • headings
  • labels
  • glossary page



Below find the link to the 'Little Kids First Big Book of Space' by Catherine Hughes. Watch the video and discuss the different features of a non-fiction text.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Below find the link to a non fiction worksheet. Some of the key information has been removed. Using the pictures and key information on the sheet, try and work out the missing headings/captions.


Once complete, scroll down to reveal the missing information.