Reevy Hill Primary School

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English - Spring 1

This half term Year 1 are learning about the non fiction text - The Three Little Pigs


This week children will be making their own mind maps and explaining what they already know about the text.


Can you explain what you already know about the text?

What are the main events in the text?

Who are the main characters?

How did the characters feel?

When were the three little pigs safe? 

Which house didn't blow down?



The Three Little Pigs - Read aloud in fullscreen with music and sound effects!

Follow along with "The Three Little Pigs" as they venture out and learn about the value of hard work as they fend against a big bad wolf that just wants to h...

Story map-

Can you draw your own story map of the main events in our story

Character description: The Wolf

Character description: The Pig