Reevy Hill Primary School

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Instructions- How to trap a wolf


This week the children in Year 1 will be learning how to follow instructions and sequence the instructions of how to trap a wolf from our story the three little pigs.


Children will look at a text and they will learn how to re-tell the text. Children will make their own actions up and use Pie Corbett's actions to help them remember how to re-tell the instructions.


What is Talk for Writing? Pie Corbett explains

Talk for Writing founder and Literacy expert, Pie Corbett, gives a brief overview of the Talk for Writing approach to teaching Literacy, and why it works.



Can you make your own instruction sheet and use imperative verbs?


What animal or beast will you try and catch?


Where will the trap be set?


What food will you use to attract the animal or beast?


What tools will you need to use?


Can you act out your own instruction text?