Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1

Learning Objective: To plan a narrative with clear structure, setting and plot


Task 1:


Today, you will be creating a story map for your big write, and including these examples for each story step.


Your Big Write task is to write your own version of the WAGOLL, which you will find below. 


1. Draw a backwards 'S' on your page. This will be your story map. 

2. Write the numbers 1-6 on your map.


Each number will be a new story step. 

Step 1: Furo beckon's Maia to follow him. 

Step 2: Furo blindfold's Maia.

Step 3: What Maia can feel.

Step4: What Maia can hear.

Step 5: What Maia can see.

Step 6: What Maia can see in detail in the lagoon.


For each step add in character feelings, similes and expanded noun phrases. 



Lesson 2

Learning Objective: To write a narrative with a clear structure, setting and plot. 


Re-Read the WAGOLLand create a list of Success Criteria, then compare it to the Success Criteria in the presentation below. 


After that spend about 45 minutes writing the beginning of your Big Write. Try to include each of the Success Criteria in your writing. 



Success Criteria

Lesson 2

Learning Objective: to write a narrative with a clear structure, setting and plot.


Have another look over your plan, read what you have read so far, remind yourself of the success criteria and then carry on writing your Big Write until it is finished. 

Lesson 3

LO: To improve my writing by changing grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency.


  1. Use the presentation below to introduce the idea of editing.
  2. Complete the editing task.

Editing Presentation and Task

Lesson 4 

L.O. to use a range of coordinating conjunctions to write multi-clause (compound) sentences


Use the link below and skip on the different parts of the lesson. Complete the tasks on paper.


Lesson 5



Use the presentation below to find out what your spellings are and learn the rule. 


Then practise them using some of the tasks below.