Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Tunnel


Lesson 1 - Plan story

Recall the story using the 6 pictures from last week.

Use the backward S to plan you story of The Tunnel.

Remember to write the key events of the story (6 main events).

Add conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and prepositions to your plan that you'll be including in your big write.


Lesson 2 - Orally rehearse sentences

Go over your plan and rehearse it orally. Use actions for key words and movements.

When rehearsing your sentences, try to add conjunctions, prepositions and expanded noun phrases.  

Try to perform to someone at your house.


Lesson 3 - Year 4 spellings practise

Choose a game from the spelling menu to practise your spellings for this week.

Lesson 4 - Big Write

Use all your notes from the previous lessons, including last week, to write your story of The Tunnel.


Lesson 5 - Edit

Edit your story using the checklist below.