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One Plastic Bag


We are looking at a new book for the next three weeks in English - Writing, called One Plastic Bag.

Lesson 1 - Predict

Look at the front cover and the blurb of this book.

What do you predict the book is about? Why?

Write your prediction using the following sentence starters:


I predict that...     because the front cover shows...


I predict that...     because the blurb tells...


Lesson 2 - Ask questions

Look at the front cover and blurb again. What questions do you have about this book?

Eg Who is the lady? Why is she holding a plastic bag? What are the goats doing?  

Use the question hand to start your questions.

Lesson 3 - Year 4 spellings practise

Choose a game from the spelling menu to practise this week's spellings.

Lesson 4 - Read the book and find the meaning of unfamiliar words

Watch the YouTube video below and pause to read each page of the book. Or listen to it being read.


Write down at least five words that you do not understand the meaning of (eg crochet) and search for the definition of these words.

One Plastic Bag

Lesson 5 - Your knowledge of plastic

You may have realised by now that our book if focused on recycling plastic.

How much do you know about plastic?


Answer these six questions:

  1. What types of plastic do you use at home?
  2. What types of plastic do you use at school?
  3. What types of plastic do you use outdoors?
  4. What do you and your family do when you have finished with the plastic?
  5. What else do you know about plastic recycling?
  6. What can you remember about the stories about the puffin and the turtle, which we read during Just Listen time?