Reevy Hill Primary School

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L.O.  use text marking and make notes from it to identify key information in a text.

  • I can highlight key information in a text

  • I can make notes in my own words.

Read the fact cards and the Planet Green Text.

Answer the questions on the Activity Sheet and then make notes using both documents of any additional interesting facts that you have found out. 



L.O. To  use the first 3 or 4 letters of a word to check spelling, meaning or both in a dictionary.

I can:

  • Find the first letter of a word in a dictionary.
  • Find the first 2 or 3 letters of a word in the dictionary.
  • Find the meaning of a word.
  • Write a sentence using the word correctly.


Task 1

Read the WAGOLL (Linked Below) and highlight any unfamiliar words.

Task 2

Choose 5 words that you have highighted and write them into down, find the definition and write the definition down. 

Principle: The principle is responsible for the overall operation of the Universuty.

Task 2

For each word you have defined use it correctly in a sentences.

E.g. The Principle of the University had a meeting with one of the students on Friday afternoon.


L.O. To ensure the consistent and correct use of tense throughout a piece of work. (Past tense)

I can:

  • Match present tense verbs with the present tense version.
  • Recognise verbs in sentences.
  • Change present tense verbs to past tense verbs.


Match the Past Tense Verbs with the Present Tense Verbs

Highlight any error in tense and rewrite correctly in the past tense.

Thursday Grammar Lesson 


L.O. to use cohesive devices to link ideas within paragprahs. (connecting adverbs and adverbials)

Read the extract below and highlight all adverbs and adverbials

Using the word bank write your own version of the paragraph above. Use the WAGOLL and the information from Monday's lesson to help.