Reevy Hill Primary School

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Into the Forest


Lesson 1 -

 LO - To make predictions based on details implied.


Look at the front cover of our new text. Can you make some predictions on what the story might be about?



Who is the little boy? Are there any other characters?

Where is the boy going? Why?

What can you see in the setting?


I predict that... I think this because on the cover I can see...


Lesson 2 -

 LO - To understand the sequence of events in a text.


Listen to the story by playing the video below. Can you think of some actions to help you remember the story? Then have a go at drawing a story mountain to help you remember the important parts.


Into the Forest (Anthony Browne) BOOK READ ALOUD

Lesson 3 -

 LO - To spell words with contracted forms.


Practise your spellings for this week:


I am = I'm

We are = We're

They are = They're

She is = She's

He is = He's

I have = I've

They have = They've

I will = I'll

They will = They'll 

She will = She'll


Once you've done, can you write a sentence using these words?


Lesson 4 -

 LO - To find the meaning of unfamiliar words.


Open the PDF file below to access our Into the Forest WAGOLL. When you come across any unfamiliar words, look them up in a dictionary and write the definition in your own words.

Lesson 5 -

 LO - To retrieve and record information from a text.


Have a go at answering the questions below. Remember to refer back to our WAGOLL to help you find your answers.