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Lesson 1

Learning Objective: To summarise the main ideas drawn from the text.


Our new English unit is.....



Task 1:

In class, we have already read up to Chapter 7 ready to start the new topic. 


Can you match the pictures to the chapter summaries? Try drawing the pictures and writing the summary that matches next to each one.


Chapter 1

Maia was an orphan who lived at a boarding school. She was going to move to Brazil to live with family. Her teacher wanted the class to find out about Brazil before Maia left.

Chapter 2
They sailed across the ocean towards Brazil. She met a boy called Clovis who was part of the acting company. She guessed what her new family was going to be like.


Chapter 3

She arrived at the extremely clean house called the ‘Tapherini’. She met the twins but they weren’t what she was expecting. They started their lessons with Miss Minton.


Chapter 4

They went to Manaus to their ballet class and met some other children. Two police officers asked questions about a missing boy. They visited Miss Minton's friend, Professor Glastonbury, at the local museum.


Chapter 5

Maia went to explore the land and became lost in the jungle. She met a boy named Furo who helped her find her way.


Chapter 6

The family visited the theatre in Manaus to watch ‘Lord Fauntleroy’. The boy Maia met on the ship, Clovis, was also in the play. Clovis did something wrong during his performance and was fired from the theatre company.





Lesson 2:

Learning Objective: To make predictions and inferences from what has been read.


Read the sentence clues taken from Chapter 7....


Instead, Maia had to listen to Mrs Carter’s threats to send her back to England.

“As for Miss Minton, I’m afraid she is really not fit to have charge of young girls. I shall have to replace her as soon as I can find someone suitable.”

 Maia followed the Indian boy, Furo. She was puzzled. Where was he taking her?

They travelled down a number of twisting rivers. She began to be frightened as the boat eased slowly forward.

They were in a still lagoon of clear, blue water, shielded from the outside by a ring of great trees.

Oh, Miss Minton, it was such a wonderful journey, like floating through a drowned forest. 


What do you think is going to happen in Chapter 7?


Write a prediction. Try and use PEE to include detail and evidence.