Reevy Hill Primary School

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Task 1:


Watch the links below to gather ideas of what Maia could smell, hear, feel and see during her journey to the lagoon. 

Spit your page into four sections and write the headings 'Hear', 'Smell', 'See' and 'Feel'.


Use the word mats below to help you think of ideas for each section. 

E.g. - howling monkeys, whistling trees, trickling waterfall




Task 2:


Watch the link below to learn about similes and metaphors...

Now click the picture below. Can you think of your own simile and metaphor ideas to describe each picture?




Task 3:


When we feel different emotions, we also show these emotions on the outside through actions and facial expressions. 

For example, if someone is feeling excited, they might be jumping up and down and have a huge smile on their face.


Let's think about how someone might show the emotions in the table below. Can you draw the table and complete the actions column?



Now think about how Maia felt throughout the WAGOLL. 


Read the WAGOLL again (see below) then complete the character feelings activity. You ca try and draw the outline of a person first, then write emotions on the inside and action/expression around the outside.