Reevy Hill Primary School

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Performance Poetry


Task 1: Read the Poem  "The Hairy Toe" below and act it out.


The Hairy Toe


Once there was a woman went out to pick beans,
and she found a Hairy Toe.
She took the hairy toe home with her,
and that night, when she went to bed,
the wind began to moan and groan.
Away off in the distance
she seemed to hear a voice crying,
‘Where’s my hair-r-y to-o-oe?
Who’s got my hair-r-y to-o-oe?’

The woman scrooched down,
way down under the covers,
and about that time
the wind appeared to hit the house


And the old house creaked and cracked
like something was trying to get in.
The voice had come nearer,
almost at the door now,
and it said
‘Where’s my hair-r-y to-o-oe?
Who’s got my hair-r-y to-o-oe?’

The woman scrooched further down under
the covers
and pulled them tight around her head.
The wind growled around the house like some
big animal
and r-r-rum-mbled down the chimney.

All at once she heard the door cr-r-eak,
and something slipped in
and began to creep over the floor

The floor went
cr-e-eak, cre-eak
at every step that thing took towards her bed.
The woman could almost feel
it bending over her bed.
Then, in an awful voice, it said:
‘Where’s my hairy toe?
Who’s got my hairy toe?

You’ve got it!’



Task 2 - Plan your poem

Keep the same structure but think about changing some things.

You might want to change some of the following for your poem:

  • the woman
  • the hairy toe
  • the wind whooshing and crashing
  • the old house
  • the bed
  • the woman scrooching



Task 3 - Write your poem

Use your plan to write your poem.

Look back at the "The Hairy Toe" poem to see what a good poem should look like.