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Our new text is Little Red Riding Hood. Listen to the story below. 

Little Red Riding Hood - Kids Stories - LearnEnglish Kids British Council


In your green book make a mind map of adjectives (describing words) for Red Riding Hood.


Think about words for her appearance (what's on the outside, what she looks like) and her personality (what they are like on the inside eg. kind, mean.)


2) Use the words from your list to write sentences about Little Red Riding Hood. Can you use an expanded noun phrase? 


An expanded noun phrase adds more detail to the noun by adding one or more adjectives. An adjective is a word that describes a noun.



Red Riding Hood has a long, red cloak. 

The kind, friendly girl visited her Grandma.


On Tuesday in English we focus on spelling and handwriting. 



Practise joining the letters below in your book. Use the letter join app to help you. If you need your login, email your class teacher.



Below are your weekly spellings. We have a spelling test next Tuesday so practise these everyday. Then create a spelling scribble and fill it with your weekly spellings. There is an example below.


Watch our key text of the week again.

Then watch the video about coordinating conjunctions. After that scroll down and play the quiz.

Now watch the video below to see some examples of how to use a coordinating conjunction to write about Little Red Riding Hood.


In your books write one sentence for each conjunction.


and or so but 


Still image for this video


Today we are planning and talking about what we will write tomorrow. Remember when speaking to your adult, speak in full sentences. 


Task 1 - look at your work on expanded noun phrases from Monday. Can you add any more details in?


Task 2 -Watch the videos again from yesterday about coordinating conjunctions. Circle the conjunctions in your sentence. 


Use the template below to put your best ideas in each box. Remember to use exciting vocabulary.

Now talk to your adult about Red Riding Hood. Talk in full sentences including the conjunctions and expanded noun phrases in your boxes.



Tick them when you have used them in a sentence. 

Use your learning from this week to write a character description for Little Red Riding Hood. 


Remember to use:

  • capital letters
  • full stops
  • finger spaces
  • expanded noun phrases
  • coordinating conjunctions


Look back through your English book for ideas.