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Lesson 1 - SPAG

LO: To recognise and use coordinating conjunctions

Watch the video to help you understand what coordinating conjunctions!

FANBOYS: Coordinating Conjunctions

Now use the Powerpoint below to see how we write a sentence using coordinating conjunctions.

Here's a good way to remember coordinating conjunctions...

Have a go at using coordinating conjunctions to re-write each sentence below. Then write a paragraph using as many coordinating conjunctions as you can (remember not to include them all in one sentence!). 

Lesson 2

LO: to express a personal point of view about a text (prediction).


Miss. Heightley

Still image for this video
Introduction to your lesson.

Holes (2003) Trailer

Click on the link below to read chapter 1.

Note down all the key information you find.

Summarise the chapter by creating a table similar to the one below. Add a picture, key words and evidence from the text. 

Lesson 4

Weekly spellings

This week you will be looking at word families. 


Have a go at the starter activity below.

Now use the Powerpoint link to check your answers.
Choose at least 2 activities from the spelling menu to complete. Use this weeks spelling words for the activities you've chosen to help you remember them.