Reevy Hill Primary School

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Task 1:


Click and read through the 'The Promise' WAGOLL below to remind yourself of the story and the features that you will need to include in your own BIG WRITE...

Now, you will need to create your own story map!


1. Draw a backwards 'S'

2. Write the numbers 1 to 6 on your story map

3. Draw simple pictures to show each story step (use the ones below to help you)

4. Using your previous lesson writing ideas, write examples of expanded noun phrases, similes, alliteration and fronted adverbials for each picture.



Task 2


Using your story map plan, your writing ideas from the lessons before and the word mats below to write your Journey to The River Sea 'Big Write'. 


You can also use the dictionary and thesaurus links below to help improve vocabulary.

Task 3


Can you edit and improve your Big Write using the checklist below?


Have you got.…



Full stops and capital letters

Names, places, start of a sentence


Direct Speech / Inverted commas

It is cold , “ complained the girl.


Similes and metaphors

As ___as …         like       is


Fronted adverbials

In the distance, a young girl…..



Mean, miserable people


Relative clauses

The girl , who was trying to steal money , stalked her next victim. 


Expanded noun phrases

The  cobbled  path


Character Feelings



Coordinating conjunctions



Subordinating conjunctions



Prepositional phrases

She looked through the window


Possessive apostrophes

 Girl’s – singular    Girls’ - plural