Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Enormous Crocodile


Lesson 1 - Planning our story


Today we will be planning our stories. Before we do, quickly recap what happens in the story by reading the WAGOLL using actions.


Now have a go at planning your story. Look at the example below to help you. Remember to draw pictures of the main parts. Once you're done, be sure to add captions and key phrases.



Lesson 2 - Orally rehearse your sentences


Activity 1 -

Can you remember the key writing features we have been looking at? Remind yourselves by rereading the WAGOLL and making a list of the features used. Record them on the table below.



Activity 2 -


Use your story map and the pictures below to orally rehearse your sentences. Can you try to include  some of the writing features above in your sentences? Have a go at recording yourself and then listening back. Can you have another go at make your sentences even better? Practise makes perfect!




Lesson 3 - Spelling


Your spellings for this week are :



Can you practise each spelling by creating spelling pyramids like the one below?




When you're done, have a go at writing a sentence using each word.