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Mole Class!


As we have not been able to start or complete our big writes, I would like you to try your best and have a go whilst at home. 


Using what you can remember from your story map plan, your writing ideas from the lessons before and the word mats below to write your 'The Promise' Big Write. 


You can also use the dictionary and thesaurus links below to help improve vocabulary.



The Promise - Full Film

The Promise is an urban fairy tale that plays out on the mean streets of a mean city. Here, a young thief tries to snatch an old woman's bag but she cannot h...

Click the word mats below to make them bigger...


Can you edit and improve your Big Write using the checklist below?


Have you got.…



Full stops and capital letters

Names, places, start of a sentence


Direct Speech / Inverted commas

 It is cold , “ complained the girl.


Similes and metaphors

As ___as …         like       is


Fronted adverbials

In the distance, a young girl…..



Mean, miserable people


Relative clauses

The girl , who was trying to steal money stalked her next victim. 


Expanded noun phrases

The  cobbled  path


Character Feelings



Coordinating conjunctions



Subordinating conjunctions



Prepositional phrases

She looked through the window


Possessive apostrophes

 Girl’s – singular    Girls’ - plural





New English Topic: Deforestation - Balanced Argument



Task 1 - Wednesday


Today, we are going to research and makes note about 'deforestation' and explore the vocabulary around the topic.


  1. Watch the newsround clip below, making notes in your book. You can use bullet points to do this...

What questions would you like to ask about deforestation? What would you like to know?  


2. Write a list of questions you may have using bullet points. Don't forget your question marks!

3.   Now, we need to research 'deforestation' to find out what it is, how it effects the rainforest and why there are people who support deforestation...


Take a look at the research sheets below, and make notes on the key information. Can you find any information that tells us why deforestation can be a good thing AND a bad thing?


Remember, we can make research notes using either bullet points OR using a mind map. 

Click the pictures below. Some of these can also be opened using the links underneath the pictures (PDF).




Task 4 - Thursday


Now we are going to explore the vocabulary that links with the 'deforestation' topic. You may have come across some unfamiliar words during your research task. 


  1. I would like you to highlight these unfamiliar words (or underline if you cannot find a highlighter) and use the dictionary link below to write down the definitions for each word. You can also use the word bank below to check if your word is already on there.







Below you will find your groups spellings for the week. Can you practice these in your best handwriting?


Miss Clay's group  Miss Foster's Group

















Task 5 - Friday


Now that you have explored the key vocabulary for the topic 'deforestation, and have gathered your research, I would like you to answer these comprehension questions below. Use the reading sheet (picture or pdf download) to find your answers....



  1. In the first paragraph, can you find one reason not to destroy rainforests?
  2. Name one of three ways that a rainforest can be destroyed
  3. What fraction of the rainforest is already gone?
  4. In the fact file, what does the author say will happen in the next 25 years?
  5. Which rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen?
  6. What is your opinion about deforestation? Can you explain why?
Below are some more videos you can watch to find out all about deforestation. The more you find out, the better your balanced argument will be!