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The Life Cycle of a Crocodile


This week in English we are looking at an explanation text called

The Life Cycle of a Crocodile. 


Lesson 1 - Task 1

Read the WAGOLL and think of actions to help you remember the different parts.


Task 2 -

Have a look at the features of an explanation text grid below.

Can you try to work out what the purpose of each feature might be? Use the green hints if you get stuck.

 Then, have a go at finding examples of each type of feature from the WAGOLL. 



Lesson 2 


Before starting todays lesson, can you read the WAGOLL using the actions you learnt yesterday?

Once you're done, have a go at answering the questions below. 



Lesson 3 


Today we will be carrying out research to find out more about crocodiles. Can you use the internet to do some research?

Think of some research questions to help you with your research and then record your findings as bullet points.

Here are some examples to help you get started:

Where do crocodiles live?

Why do crocodiles have scaley skin?

What do crocodiles eat?

How long do crocodiles live for?