Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Life Cycle of a Crocodile


Lesson 1 - Planning our Explanation Text


Task 1

Reread our WAGOLL using actions you learnt last week.



Task 2

Use the template below to plan your own explanation text.

Add words, phrases and pictures to help you remember what happens in the different stages.



Lesson 2 


Today we will be writing our own explanation text using our planning from the previous session. Use the template below to write your explanation text. Remember to write in full sentences today. Use the  key features word bank below to mark sure that you include everything that you need.




Lesson 3


Read your explanation text.

What did you like?

What could you improve on?


Use the checklist below to check that you have included everything that you should.



Now use your green pen and see if you can make any changes. Can you make it even better?