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The Storm Whale in Winter


Lesson 1



Look at the cover and blurb of our new text. 



What can you see?

Can you predict what the story might be about? Remember to use clues from what you can see on the cover and blurb to support your predictions.


I predict that...I think this because on the cover I can see...


Once you have made your predictions, listen to the story using the video below:

The Storm Whale in Winter

Lesson 2

Dictionary Work


Read our story WAGOLL and think of some actions to help you remember the story:


Use a dictionary to find out the meaning of the words below.



Write the definition in your own words and then write a sentence using that word.


Glimpse - When you briefly see something.


Noi caught a glimpse of something flickering in the sea.


Lesson 3

Retrieve, record and make inferences


Reread the story again using actions.

Then, have a go at answering the questions below. Remember to refer back to the text to help you with your answers.

Lesson 4

Asking questions to find out more information


Can you think of some questions for the characters from our story?

Think about how the characters might answer these questions.


For example:

Question - How did you feel when you went into the boat?

Answer - I felt frightened because it was very dark outside and I still couldn't find my dad. I got worried that something bad might have happened.


Please remember to send us your work so we can see how you have been getting on with your home learning. We cannot wait to see all the lovely work you have done. 

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