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The Great Kapok Tree


For the next two weeks in English - Writing, we will be looking at a book called The Great Kapok Tree.


Task 1 - Ask questions and predict

Look at the front cover of this book.

What questions do you have?

Use the question hand to help you start your questions.



Look at the front cover and read the blurb of this book.

What do you predict the book is about? Why?

Write your prediction using the following sentence starters:


I predict that...     because the front cover shows...


I predict that...     because the blurb tells...


Task 2 - Meaning of unfamiliar words

Read the WAGOLL and write down any words you do not understand the meaning of.


Then choose one of the words and look for clues around the word to see if you can figure out the meaning of it. Once you've done that, use a dictionary to find out the meaning of the word.


Follow the layout below for your words.


Word - squawking

Thought process - The text mentions that the forest had been alive with sounds of squawking and howling monkeys. In the next sentence, it says it was all quiet. I think that the word squawking may mean loud.

Definition - make a loud noise.



The WAGOLL is a short version of the story. You can listen to the full story on the 'story time' page.


Task 3 - Homophones

Follow the National Oak Academy link below to learn about homophones.

Then find some homophones in the WAGOLL and write down its pair.

For example,


'Before he knew it, the heat and the hum...'


Knew, new