Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1

Learning Objective: To begin to understand simple themes in books.


Task 1: Watch Alma the video. Try to remember the key parts of the story.


Task 2: Create a story map of the key events in 'Alma'. Can you draw the scenes in the correct order?





Lesson 2

Learning Objective: To know and recognise some of the literacy conventions in text types covered


Task 1: 

Read the WAGOLL of the Alma video clip.

Note down or highlight all the writing features that you can see.

For example - conjunctions, adjectives, punctuation, paragraphs, prepositions, fronted adverbials....

Task 2: Can you find any example sentences for each feature that you found?

Lesson 3:

Learning Objective: To use noun phrases which are expanded by adding modifying adjectives


Task 1: 



Task 2:

Using a determiner, noun and adjective creates an expanded noun phrase!


Have a look at the word mats below for determiner, noun and adjective ideas.


Now, create some expanded noun phrases for the character and setting in 'Alma'


Lesson 4:

Practice your Year 5 spellings




Lesson 5:

Learning Objective: To use noun phrases which are expanded by prepositional phrases.


Task 1: Find out what a preposition is using the video below!

Now you have watched the video, can you sort these words into prepositions and not prepositions?


Task 2:

Create your own sentences that include prepositions. Use the pictures from Alma and the word mat below.



'Alma skipped across the cobbled path'