Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Egyptian Cinderella



This week we will be writing our own stories for the Egyptian Cinderella. Click on the link below to read the story WAGOLL to see what a good story looks like

Lesson 1

To plan, discuss and record my ideas


Task 1 - Read the story WAGOLL. Write down 5 main events that happen in the story.


Task 2 - Draw a backward s and plan your story just like we do at school. Draw pictures and add short key words and caption to help you remember the key parts of the story.


Look at the example below to see what a story map looks like. 

Use the story pictures to help you remember the sequence of events.


Lesson 2

To orally rehearse a sentence or sequence of sentences.


Today you will be orally rehearsing your ideas to help you with your big write tomorrow.

Use your story map from yesterday to orally retell the story in your own words. Start from the beginning of your story map and use the pictures and key words to help you retell the story in your own words. Record yourself and watch it back to see how you did! 


Lesson 3



Have a spelling test using last weeks words.


Your new spellings for this week are:


island        answer         knife            knock            doubt            calm


Use one of the spelling activities below to practise your new spelling words. Once you're done, have a go at writing a sentence using each word just like we do at school.




Practise forming curly caterpillar letters using the letter join. Look carefully at where each letter starts and how they end. Then have a go at writing some words using curly caterpillar letters. Make sure you join each letter. Look at the template to help you.