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English/ Reading

This week's focus story is 'The Ugly Five' by Julia Donaldson.


This week we will be exploring different environments and cultures to those of which we live in. 


Start by introducing the story to your child by watching the video below. 

The text has a lot of new and interesting words in. Stop the video at points and ask your child what they think some of these might mean. Explain it is good to research new words to develop our vocabulary. Use google or an online dictionary to find out what some of the words mean. Can you make a glossary of any new words you learn? 


e.g. spindly, ambled, ungainly...

There are lots of interesting animals in the story. Talk about where the story is set in Africa. Can you do a Google maps search and see how far it is from where we live in the UK?


Watch the video below about animals in Africa. Think about why these animals live on this continent. What does the land provide for them? Think about what they eat? What is the temperature like? 


Now watch the video below on polar bears. Make a list of the things they need to live. What kind of temperatures are they used to? What do they eat? Could they survive in Africa?  

Can you make a list of similarities and difference between animals in the Arctic and animals living in Africa? What is the same? What is different? Think about their coats ... thick/thin... What do they eat... trees/ fish? 

Visit the national geographic website for kids. Can you research different animals and create your own factfile of your chosen favourite? 


What is it called? 

Where does it live? 

What does it eat? 

Can you name one interesting face - why it looks a certain way/ has certain features to help it survive in it's habitat? 


Draw and label your animal!