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English / Reading

This week the children are learning about the Easter story from the bible and talking about how this is celebrated in current times. Children have also be looking out for signs of new life in early Spring.


Please continue to practice reading with your child each day. Reading includes word-reading (decoding) and understanding of the story (comprehension) so it would also be beneficial to look at other books above your child's reading level to encourage them to listen along to the story and be able to recall key events. Questioning your child and discussing the story with them will also aid their understanding and build new language into their vocabulary. 


Happy reading! 

The Easter Story 


Watch the video below about Jesus' crucifixion and coming back to life.


After watching the video, discuss...

  • Who were the main characters in the story? (Judas and Jesus)
  • Judas was a friend of Jesus.  Was he a good friend? Why not? 
  • How do you think Jesus would have felt when he learnt Judas had called for his death? 
  • Why do you think Jesus told his friends he would see them again soon?
  • What kind of person do you think Jesus is? Can you describe him e.g. kind, forgiving, generous, gentle, friendly
  • What did the angel mean, "Jesus has risen!" ?

Discuss the Easter story video - can you recall what happened first, next, in the end? 



Think about how we celebrate Easter today...

Can you make a list / brainstorm all the ideas you come up with? e.g. eggs, chicks, bunnies. Use your phonics to sound out words for spelling and labelling your ideas.


Discuss... How does this link to the Easter story from the bible?

  • What happened to Jesus in the end? (came back to life)
  • What does an egg bring us? Think about the lifecycle of the chicken from last week in school!

New life in Spring


Following on from the Easter bible story and discussions of new life, look through the powerpoint of Spring below. Can you answer the quiz at the end. How many signs of new life can you remember from the slides? 



New life hunt - go outside into the garden. 

  • Close your eyes - what can you hear? Are there any birds signing? Bees buzzing? Can you hear the wind blowing? 
  • Look around - are there any nests in the trees? Birds in the sky? Butterflies flying? What colours can you see? Draw a picture of 'Spring' from your window. Can you label any of the flowers, insects or colours you spot? 
  • Complete the checklist on the resources list at the bottom of this page.


Can you remember why we celebrate Easter by giving chocolate eggs as presents? Discuss how the cracking of the egg represents Jesus breaking out of his tomb and coming back to life. 


Can you design your own Easter egg picture to give to someone special? Use the template below or get crafty and decorate your own paper mache masterpiece! 

Easter baking!

Why not celebrate Easter by making and decorating your own crispy chicks nests? See recipe below.


Can you write your own recipe to pass to a friend?