Reevy Hill Primary School

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English/ Reading

This week's book of the week is SUPERWORM! 


This book is in line with our Julia Donaldson topic and children have been discussing the key features of a text.


See the image of the Superworm book below. Look at the front cover. Ask your child to point out the title, discuss the pictures and make predictions about what the story might be about. Discuss the author and the illustrator. Does your child know what these terms mean? 



Watch the video below of the Superworm story read aloud. 

Ask your child the following questions: 

  • Why do you think the minibeasts came together to save Superworm? 
  • What do the other creatures think of Superworm? 
  • What did wizard lizard mean by treasures in the soil? Can you make a list of some of the treasures and trash found in your garden? 


Become an author..

Can you plan what might happen next in the story? Search for different characters around your house. This could be figures/ bears/ props. Can you think of how Superworm may use these next to save his friends/ defeat wizard lizard? 


Make a plan. Brainstorm ideas of all the Super things Superworm might do. Can you compose a set of captions/ sentences about what might happen next. Where might the new characters be found? What do they look like? 


Draw the next scene in the story and label using your phonics.