Reevy Hill Primary School

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English/ Reading

This week's book of the week is 'Stickman'.


Children will be learning about key features of the text and discussing how Stickman feels when he is lost in the snow. Children will be describing Stickman to create their own 'Wanted' posters and later in the week will be designing maps of where he has been last spotted to see if they can return him home to his family tree! 


Activity ideas for home: 


Read the Stickman story aloud at home or watch the video below.


Discuss how Stickman may be feeling inside. Can you draw your own stickman outline? On the inside of your picture, write words to describe how he might be feeling e.g. worried, scared, sad, lonely. In the outside, can you write words to describe how he looks? E.g. brown, long, thin, green leaves.


Use your phonetic knowledge where possible to sound words out for spelling on your own! 




Can you make your very own wanted posted to help find stickman? 


Use the 'Wanted' template below.

Read the letter from Miss. Hirst attached below. Use the highlighted words to work out where Stickman might be hiding next. Can you label the map using your phonics? Look at the direction Stickman is circling the school in... Which garden will he visit next?