Reevy Hill Primary School

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Early Years / KS1

In these year groups we focus on teaching phonics skills so that children can confidently decode words when reading. Children have two phonics lessons per day and follow the 'Letters and Sounds' programme. We also develop children's early comprehension skills during our daily reading lessons and guided reading sessions.



we focus on improving reading fluency and answering more complex comprehension skills. Children's knowledge and understanding of vocabulary is also a focus in order to ensure that they thoroughly understand texts. Children have daily reading lessons to focus on these skills.



Just Listen Time

Every class in school has daily 'Just Listen Time' when their teacher models reading out loud. Teachers choose texts which are related to learning in other subjects to further develop children's knowledge. Children really look forward to this time of day.



Our Library

Our library has played a huge part in helping us to develop a 'love of reading' across school. We have recently given our library a makeover and a listening area has been created. Children really enjoy using the library during playtimes, lunchtimes and their class library session.


At Woodside, we have a text based approach to teaching writing. Every half term each class covers a range of writing genres.


Children read and respond to the text types, looking carefully at the features. Children then learn and practise new writing skills which are shown in the text. Finally, they use these newly acquired skills to plan, write and edit their own piece of writing. Children often look forward to writing their own pieces to showcase all of the new skills that they have gained.


Each classroom has an 'Outstanding Writers' display to celebrate the work that the children have done.

UKS2 Writing competition

Organised by 3 keen writers in Y5, UKS2 were set the challenge of writing about the seaside in no more than 500 words. 

Here are the hosts with their chosen winners...