Reevy Hill Primary School

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Exploring 2D shapes

This week we are exploring 2D shapes. Look at the shapes below.

Can you tell you grown up what each of them are? What do you notice about each one - how many sides? corners? Are the lines curved or straight? Do they all look the same?




Shape building


Can you have a go at making your own shapes? What could you use to make straight lines? Have fun exploring with spaghetti, sticks, string, cellotape. Can you make a circle with straight line? Why not?

Shape hunt


See if you can draw the shapes and write the names for them.

Once you have drawn them, ask your grown up to hide them around the house. Can you find the shape and put it next to the correct label?

Spot the shapes


How many different shapes can you spot in the pictures below? Can yourite the total number of each shape you see?