Reevy Hill Primary School

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Expressive Arts and Design

Home Learning Challenges


Collect objects, materials and different textures on your Autumn walk to make an owl or hedgehog picture.


Paint an Autumn walk picture using the colours you noticed on your Autumn walk. 


Mix colours using sticks. Then paint the leaves and print them. 


Build a house using natural materials for a hedgehog to live. 


Use conkers and pinecones in pretend play to mix and bake.


Make and construct an Autumn memory stick using natural resources from your walk and use it in pretend play. 



Make your own paintbrushes - Use different items from around the house, eg foil, cotton wool...try using them as paint brushes and see what happens.


Music - Listen to different styles of music, make up your own dances, how does the music make you feel?


Explore sounds - use different objects as instrument eg pans, spoons, along with the soudn of nursery rhymes as you sing them


Draw - draw anything you like!!