Reevy Hill Primary School

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EYFS and KS1


Nursery children will be celebrating the recent success of Keighley born Captain Sir Tom Moore who we know recently made a big difference by raising a large amount of money for our NHS.

Sir Tom originally challenged himself to do 100 laps up and down his garden at his home in Bedfordshire. His target was to raise £1000 but the amount soon spiralled and reached over £28m. 

Nursery has decided to draw around our own feet on card, put our own designs on them (flowers, leaves, colours, mini beasts linked to the garden theme) and number them one to 100. Afterwards, we will cut around and laminate them and hang them around the nursery garden. We will also be planting a variety of flower seeds in our nursery garden in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore, which will be named after him. 

As we are walking past admiring them we will be remembering Captain Sir Tom Moore and talking about his incredible achievement and how anything is possible including making a difference. 

Donations welcome - by cash in a labelled envelope or via parent pay.





This week in English, Reception children will be learning all about Sir Captain Tom Moore and the story of his life.  We will be reading the book

100 steps, and then following in Captain Tom's footsteps by making and counting 100 steps every day next week.  The children will be making their own flyers to take home this week to tell the people at home all about our plans.

Year 1 and 2

Over the course of the week year 1 and 2's challenge is 100 minutes of dancing! We will dance for 20 minutes a day to reach our target. 


Donations can be made via parent pay or sent to school in an envelope.


Here are some posters advertising our event.