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Volcanoes: A suitable home?

Did you know that over 600 million people live on or near an active volcano? This week we are going to explore why some people make this choice.

By the end of this weeks learning you will have to make your decision - would you live on an active volcano? 


Let's remind ourselves what an active volcano looks like..... 

All About Volcanoes

The eruption of Mount Merapi, Indonesia

Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupts for second time this month

Watch the news report of the eruption

Now you have seen the eruption, read the newspaper report and answer the comprehension to help develop your understanding further. 

Investigate some of the positives and negatives of living on or near an active volcano. Draw a table into your exercise books to sort your ideas clearly. 

Use the powerpoint to help you.

Positives Negatives









Now you have organised the positives and negatives, can you make your leaflet or poster to persuade people to visit or move back to Mount Merapi despite its volcanic activity? 

Final challenge....What is your opinion?

Use your learning to explain your thoughts about living on an active volcano.