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All about Wales

Use the video, powerpoint and links to complete the fact sheet about Wales. 

Let's learn a little bit about Wales

Judah and Reenie live in two different parts of Wales - Port Moresby and Cardiff. Watch the video to find out about their lives.


Now you have seen what it is like to live in these different parts of Wales, can you compare them?

Draw the table into your exercise books to show the similarities and differences. 


Cardiff and Port Moresby

Similarities Differences








Now let's compare Wales with a country you already know lots about...Brazil!
Use the link above to create your own project comparing the two places, don't forget to use your learning about Brazil!
Fun crafts and activities linked to Wales!

1. Why not try some Welsh recipes?

2. Try to draw your own Welsh flag and colour it using the correct colours

3. Have a go at some Welsh crafts

Challenge: Can you learn the Welsh national anthem?

Listen to it first and then use the powerpoint to help you learn it!


Welsh National Anthem