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All about Scotland

Using the video, write a description of what you think Scotland is like. 

Think about the different types of places within Scotland, the landscape and geography. 

Use the word bank to help you. 

Your next task is to create a factfile about Scotland using the links, video and powerpoint to help you. 

Your final activity is a research project of your choice.

Choose one of the famous Scottish landmarks or famous people and research using the internet. 

You can present your project in a way that you think is best. You could create a poster, information leaflet, video, powerpoint or surprise us with your own creative ideas. 


Famous Scottish Landmarks:

* Edinburgh Castle

* Loch Ness

* Ben Nevis


Famous Scottish people:

* Robert Burns

* Thomas Blake

* James Braid

Here's a few reading activities to get you started:

Scotland craft activities

* Have a go at drawing and colouring a Scotland flag