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All about Scotland

Using the video, write a description of what you think Scotland is like. 

Think about the different types of places within Scotland, the landscape and geography. 

Use the word bank to help you. 

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Your next task is to create a factfile about Scotland using the links, video and powerpoint to help you. 
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Your final activity is a research project of your choice.

Choose one of the famous Scottish landmarks or famous people and research using the internet. 

You can present your project in a way that you think is best. You could create a poster, information leaflet, video, powerpoint or surprise us with your own creative ideas. 


Famous Scottish Landmarks:

* Edinburgh Castle

* Loch Ness

* Ben Nevis


Famous Scottish people:

* Robert Burns

* Thomas Blake

* James Braid

Here's a few reading activities to get you started:

Scotland craft activities

* Have a go at drawing and colouring a Scotland flag


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