Reevy Hill Primary School

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Would you like to visit Hong Kong?


I hope you enjoyed researching facts about Hong Kong last week. This week we will be looking at travelling to Hong Kong.



Have a look at the pictures and then think about the questions below each picture.




James is a super sporty and funny 8 year old boy from Hong Kong. He has invited you all to visit him in Hong Kong.

How do you think you will travel? Bus? Plane? Car?




 Have a look at the travel information on the screen. Which is your flight? What time is the flight?



If travelling by plane, can you guess how long it might take to travel from London to Hong Kong? How many passengers do you think can fit onto the plane?



Look at the atlas. The yellow markings show the journey from London to Hong Kong. Can you see which countries you will be flying over?

You will pass three different capital cities. Can you work out what these are?



You are travelling over a cold country even though it is early summer. What do you notice?

Can you guess what country this might be?



How would you describe the airport? 

Where are the runways? Where are the roads?