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Hong Kong




Our new topic for geography this term is Hong Kong.

This week I would like you to use the internet to research about Hong Kong and find out as many interesting facts as you can. 


You can present your research in any way that you like.

  Here are a few ideas if you get stuck:


  • Make a bullet point list of all your facts
  • Create your own poster
  • Make your own PowerPoint presentation
  • Create a fact file


Here are a few questions to help you with your research:

  • What is the Hong Kong flag?
  • What language is spoken in Hong Kong?
  • What is the main religion?
  • What is the population?
  • What is the climate in Hong Kong?
  • Can you find 5 famous landmarks in Hong Kong?
  • Can you locate Hong Kong on a map?
  • What is the tallest building in Hong Kong?