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Travelling in Hong Kong


Last week James invited all you amazing Badgers and Otters to visit him in Hong Kong. Your plane has landed and you have arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. We are now going to plan a route from the Airport to James's house. We need to think carefully about the most suitable modes of transport for each part of our journey.



Can you find Hong Kong International Airport on the bottom left hand corner of this map? This is where you have landed.

You now have to get to Central on Hong Kong Island and then you need to get to Lamma Island. 

Can you locate these on the map?

Now think about how you will get there.


These are you three options for getting to Central. Which would you choose and why?


Now click on the PowerPoint attachment below and look through the slides.

Have a go at planning the rest of the route to James's house.

Think about how you will travel and why. For example, you might need to use a ferry if you need to get to an Island or you might need to use a bicycle for certain areas where there are no cars.

Also think about what you can see in the local area. Remember to read the notes under each slide to help you.


Well done for planning your route and reaching your destination!


Your task is to write a postcard to send home to your families telling them all about your exciting journey. You need to:


  • Describe your journey from London to Hong Kong. Remember to include how you travelled from the airport to James's house, the type of transport you used and why. 
  • Describe James's local area

       - What can you see?

       - How do you feel?

       - How is it different to Bradford where we live?