Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1 - Map reading

Learning Objective: To use map skills to locate a range of places on an OS map

Use the powerpoint and video to learn how to read a map.

How to take a 4-figure grid reference with Steve Backshall and Ordnance Survey

Lesson 2 - Mount Everest

Learning Objective: To develop an understanding of the geography of Mount Everest. 


Look at the image, what questions do you have?

Use the question generator to help you write them. 

Watch the video and use the information to create a factfile.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climb Everest - 1953 archive video

Lesson 3 - Locating peaks

Learning Objective: To name and locate a range of places across the world and in the UK


Use the internet to locate the highest peak in each continent.

Now have a go at naming and locating the mountain ranges across the UK.

lesson 4 - Mountain formation

Learning Objective: To develop understanding of how mountains are formed


Watch the video to help you draw and label a diagram of the layers of the Earth. 

Use the powerpoint to help you draw and label diagrams to show how mountains form. 

See the example below for ideas.

Lesson 5 - Volcanoes

Learning Objective: To develop understanding of the types and formation of volcanoes


Use the internet to research some key vocabulary linked to volcanoes and create yourself a word bank like the one below.