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Lesson 1 - Map reading

Learning ObjectiveTo understand how land height is shown on a map


Task 1:

Read the information below to find out what 'human' and 'physical' geography means...



Then, draw a table like the one below.


Human Features Physical Features










Next, sort these map symbols by drawing them into the correct columns...

Task 2:



How is the mountain shown here? There is no symbol but instead there are brown lines.

Are all the lines the same distance apart? Why do you think that might be?

What do you think the brown lines show?


These are called 'contour lines' and they show us the shape and height of the land. 

The closer the lines are together, the steeper the slope will be.


Can you match the contour lines to the correct mountains?




Lesson 2:

Learning Objective: To develop an understanding of the location of Brazil


Task 1:


Using Google Earth, can you find Brazil?


Think about...

  • How far is it from the UK? 
  • Which other countries is it near?
  • Which continent is it in?

Task 2:


Using the map below, can you list the 10 countries that surround/border Brazil?

Task 3:


Watch the travel videos below to see what it is like in Brazil!